Pimples are some­times appeared on eye­lid and it hurts a lot. Eyes are extremely sen­si­tive part of our body so to tackle this sit­u­a­tion you should try pro­fes­sional meth­ods to get rid of eye pim­ple quickly.

Some­times they form over night, but they also can start through­out the day. You will start to notice that your eye is a lit­tle ten­der when you blink. You might also start to see a small bump on the edge of your eye­lid. Then even­tu­ally you will real­ize that your entire eye has swollen. Don’t freak out, many peo­ple get them and there is an easy way to get rid of them.

1 - First you will need to take a clean wash­cloth, dip it into hot water, and press it on your eye that has the eye pim­ple. Hold this for 20 to 30 sec­onds and repeat a few times.

2 - Next take two fin­gers and gen­tly mas­sage the area around the eye pim­ple. Most of the time there is a small bump vis­i­ble. Mas­sag­ing the area will cause the inflam­ma­tion to go down and the bump to go away.

3 - Repeat steps one and two four times a day until the zit is gone.

4 - The tan­nic acid in tea is reported to help cure styes — take a used tea bag that is still warm and apply it to the eye as a warm compress.

5 - An old folk rem­edy rec­om­mends rins­ing the eye with milk. If it works for you, let us know!

6 - Refrain from wear­ing eye makeup while the stye is active.


1 - Some­times the bump will go away on its own, how­ever some­times they do not. This is why mas­sag­ing the area is impor­tant.
2 - No one likes zits, but when you do get one your first instinct is to squeeze and pop them. You do not want to do that. Pop­ping an eye pim­ple can cause the bac­te­ria from the zit to enter the eye and cause an eye infec­tion. How­ever, if you fol­low these steps your eye pim­ple should go away in a few days or less.

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John Smith

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