Acne is worst form of skin dis­ease and causes by the seba­ceous glands (oil glands) pro­duces excess oil and when bacteria’s who lives on  your skin cells trapped in these cells they causes infec­tion in the form of acne. Teen acne cases are increas­ing in recent years and ulti­mately it pro­duces stress and dis­com­fort for teenagers.

Those blasted hormones–not only do they cause sud­den mood changes in teenagers, but they are largely respon­si­ble for those small red spots that appear reg­u­larly on their faces. Con­trary to pop­u­lar belief, the erup­tion of acne has lit­tle to do with dietary choices or lack of wash­ing prop­erly. For­tu­nately, there are ways to treat teen acne, start­ing with pre­ven­tion and includ­ing pre­scrip­tions if necessary.

How To Guide:

1 - Wash the face twice a day. Wash­ing alone won’t cure acne since it is caused by hor­monal changes and bac­te­ria beneath the skin, but keep­ing the sur­face free of oil will assist in keep­ing the pores unclogged. Use a mild cleanser to aid in gen­tle cleansing.

2 - Slough away the dead skin cells by exfo­li­at­ing. Do this up to twice a week to remove skin-clogging dead skin cells and debris. Choose an exfo­li­at­ing prod­uct made with small, smooth grains and con­tain­ing no alcohol.

3 - Check prod­uct labels for prod­ucts that are alcohol-free. You might think that dry­ing up the excess oils on your skin may pre­vent an acne out­break, but in real­ity it will do just the oppo­site. As nat­ural oils are stripped from the skin’s sur­face, glands go to work pro­duc­ing more oil.

4 - Keep hands away from your face. It’s so tempt­ing to squeeze or pick the pim­ple away, but this only serves to make the prob­lem worse by dri­ving the bac­te­ria fur­ther into the skin. This will lead to per­ma­nent scar­ring, so resist­ing that urge can go a long way to get­ting skin clear.

5 - Choose facial prod­ucts with­out oils. Makeup, lotions and sun­block need to be oil free and non-comedogenic so they don’t worsen the acne.

6 - Try over-the-counter prod­ucts con­tain­ing ben­zoyl per­ox­ide, which is the most effec­tive top­i­cal treat­ment of teen acne. Use it daily.

7 - Con­sult your doc­tor if all else fails. If you’ve tried every­thing to treat your teen acne, and are still expe­ri­enc­ing out­breaks, make an appoint­ment with your doc­tor or der­ma­tol­o­gist. There are prod­ucts and antibi­otics that he can pre­scribe that might help your face clear up.


a - Resist the urge to over wash the skin on your face. Wash­ing the area too much strips the skin of its nat­ural oils and stim­u­lates the glands to pro­duce more oil.

b - Avoid pur­chas­ing prod­ucts con­tain­ing almond or apri­cot shell frag­ments that will cause irri­ta­tion, infec­tion and aggra­va­tion of acne.

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John Smith


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