Pimples cause tem­po­rary embar­rass­ment, but they could leave per­ma­nent scars if not treated prop­erly. If you are one of the 17 mil­lion Amer­i­cans with acne, learn to pop your pim­ples with­out leav­ing scars. Pim­ples occur when the skin pro­duces too much oil, which clogs pores and cre­ates pim­ple out­breaks. If pos­si­ble, use top­i­cal treat­ments, such as Vit­a­min A, to dry out the pim­ple grad­u­ally. If you must pop a pim­ple, use dis­in­fected tools and proper technique.

How To Pop A Pim­ple Manual:

1– Dis­in­fect a pim­ple extrac­tor, a tool spe­cially designed to pop pim­ples, by sub­merg­ing it in hydro­gen per­ox­ide for three minutes.

2– Steam your face with a facial steamer or dur­ing a 20-minute shower with hot water. Steam opens your pores, mak­ing it eas­ier to extract the oil or pus trapped inside the pimple.

3– Rub the pim­ple and the area around it with hydro­gen per­ox­ide and a cot­ton swab. Bac­te­ria around the area can enter the pim­ple after you pop it, pos­si­bly infect­ing it.

4– Insert the pim­ple into the open­ing of the extrac­tor tip, and press firmly on the skin. The pres­sure from the sides of the tips will pop the pim­ple. Con­tinue to push until you have removed all pus and blood from the pim­ple. Stop when you see a clear fluid come out of the pimple.

Use the flat end of the extrac­tor for flat skin sur­faces. Use the curved end of the extrac­tor for the nose, chin or other curved surfaces.

5– Pat the pim­ple area with a cot­ton ball to remove all fluids.

6– Rub the pim­ple with vit­a­min E and cocoa but­ter using a cot­ton swab. Apply vit­a­min E and cocoa but­ter twice a day until the pim­ple and scab are gone.

7– Apply a thin layer of cepalin with a cot­ton swab one day after the vit­a­min E and cocoa but­ter treat­ment. Cepalin, a top­i­cal gel, reduces the size of scars. Apply cepalin once a day.



1– Wash your hands with antibac­te­r­ial soap before pop­ping the pimple.


2– Pop­ping a pim­ple isn’t a plea­sur­able sen­sa­tion, but it shouldn’t cause excru­ci­at­ing pain either. Con­sider an appoint­ment with a der­ma­tol­o­gist if your pim­ples are painful.


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John Smith

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