Every­one of us who want to look younger and beau­ti­ful will def­i­nitely hate the dis­gust­ing and ter­ri­fy­ing word pim­ple. Pim­ples can be appeared at every­where on your body like on your face, nose, shoul­der, scalp,back etc. But espe­cially they cre­ate more trou­ble for you if they appeared on your face and nose. So you should know how to get rid of pim­ples on your nose for bet­ter skin  health.

If you have a acne free crys­tal clear face then pim­ples on your nose will seem to look promi­nent and mak­ing your face and per­son­al­ity ugly and unat­trac­tive. In this piece of writ­ing i will explain some rock­ing method which helps you to get rid of pim­ples on your nose in 24 hours.

How to get rid of pim­ples on your nose — 1st les­son never touch your pimples

Touch­ing your pim­ples with bare hands will even­tu­ally cause big bumps appear on your nose, because your hand car­ries full of bacteria’s. So if want to itch or touch then always try with cot­ton or tis­sue paper.

Don’t Squeeze

Never try to squeeze your pim­ples. If you have small bumps then this method is good but at the same time it can be risky because if some­thing goes wrong then it will ulti­mately cause scar­ring and you may know to get rid of scar­ring is very time tak­ing process.

Apply anti-bacterial face wash

Pim­ples on nose or any other place can be elim­i­nated eas­ily by using good anti-bacterial face wash that have ben­zoyl per oxide in it. Apply it on skin after cleans­ing. It will assist your skin to dry up excess oil and wash dirt that are main cul­prit of pim­ples to appear.

Take steam to open pores

Apply steam to your affected skin pores helps to open up closed skin pores that car­ries infec­tion. Boil some water and put it on your bath pot. Now put towel around your head and take steam from a rea­son­able dis­tance so that you could not burn your­self. Take it for 10 min­utes so infec­tion flushes out from your body.

Apply ice to reduce red­ness of pimples

You can apply ice to get rid of big pim­ples on nose effec­tively. Sim­ply put some ice-cube into thin towel and apply it on affected region. It will help you to reduce inflam­ma­tion and red­ness of your bumps.

Use apple cider vine­gar and lemon juice

Some peo­ple applies apple cider vine­gar and lemon juice to affected skin pores and get aston­ish­ing results. Just dab­bing it onto your pim­ples for some time and then washes away. Don’t use this method if you have sen­si­tive skin because these reme­dies car­ries acid in them.

Con­sult your dermatologist

Finally, if you are afraid of apply­ing these home reme­dies or you have big pim­ples on your nose or any other place then don’t worry you should con­sult your der­ma­tol­o­gist. He/she will help you to get rid of pim­ples fast. They use pen like tool to pop­ing up your pim­ples com­pletely in a healthy ster­ile atmosphere.

If you adopt these pim­ples on nose home reme­dies actively then there is no doubt that you can get rid of  pim­ples on your nose overnight.

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