Pimples appears on your skin due to var­i­ous rea­sons. It may occurs dur­ing the time of puberty (it a time when our sex glands become functional). This is your teenage time when lots of hor­monal changes takes place in your body. Due to these hor­monal changes lots of oil is pro­duced and when any bac­te­ria that live on your skin trapped in your skin pores that car­ries oil causes infec­tion. Pim­ples can appear due to imbal­ance diet and tak­ing stress.

First of all we should that pim­ples can appear every­where on our body includ­ing the sen­si­tive places like eye­lids, ear­lobes, but­tocks and lips. But first we should inves­ti­gate that either its pim­ple or cold sore. There is small dif­fer­ence between cold sore and pim­ples. Cold sore usu­ally looks red­dish, soft and sticky and it is caused by her­pes sim­plex virus type 2.

Steps to Get Rid Of Cold Sore:

1– Put an ice on cold sore thrice a day. It can reduce the red­ness and swelling and will make your cold sores obscures.

2– Leave it alone because they usu­ally van­ished after 8 to 10 days.

3– If it is not gone con­sult your der­ma­tol­o­gist for bet­ter solution.

4– While you have cold sores not kiss any­body and also not share your drink with any­one because virus can spread.

Steps to Get Rid Of Pim­ples On Lips:

1– Take a clean wash­cloth and soak it into warm water and sprin­kle it through out your face so that excess oil could be removed.

2– After that apply facial wash that con­tains ben­zoyl per­ox­ide on your face gen­tly. Why ben­zoyl per­ox­ide because it is oil free and hav­ing antivi­ral capabilities.

3– Try to squeeze pim­ples on lips so that all infec­tion could be extract out. Take a cot­ton swab and apply less pres­sure so that pus could be come out eas­ily. If pus could not come out while apply­ing pres­sure then dont apply more pres­sure leave it alone.

4– Con­sult your der­ma­tol­o­gist for quick relief. He may give you pre­scrip­tion treat­ments include retinoids, oral antibi­otics, prescription-strength ben­zoyl per­ox­ide treat­ments and isotretinoin, also known as Accu­tane by exam­in­ing your pim­ple condition.

At the end, to min­i­mize the risk not hav­ing acne, pim­ples, black­heads and cold sores you should fol­low a work­ing healthy plan. What’s the plan? The plan is sim­ple to man­age your diet & sleep and take exer­cise daily. I wish you healthy happy life.

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John Smith

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