Acne is the most hor­rific dream of all acne suf­ferer.  Peo­ple can get acne in any age but most of the vic­tims are teenagers. There are lots of rea­son for a per­son to get acne. Acne can cause by hor­monal changes which tak­ing place in our bod­ies through out of our lives. But in most cases excess oil and dirt are the main cat­a­lyst for a acne to pop up.

Do you ever expe­ri­ence a sit­u­a­tion when you woke up early in the morn­ing and see a big red blem­ish on your nose. If the answer is yes then i can feel whats your reac­tion at that moment. Big pim­ple on nose is not as alarm­ing as severe acne but it is still dan­ger­ous and painful. Pim­ple on nose are not big in size but it is still notice­able and one should look­ing for a cure.

Nat­ural Ways To Treat Big Pim­ple On Nose


There are lots of nat­ural ways to get rid of nose pim­ple but in this arti­cle we will dis­cuss few of them.

Apply Ice

Just take some ice cube and put in some towel and then apply it on the affec­tive pores. This method is very good because it will reduces the inflam­ma­tion considerably.

Apply Cleanser

Just wash your pim­ple with mild hot water and then apply med­icated cleanser on it. Do this two times a day. This way excess oil and dirt can be removed easily.

Apply Lemon Juice

Just Apply lit­tle lemon juice on your pim­ple and leave it for few min­utes. Acidic nature of lemon will kill any bac­te­ria that tapped in your nose pores.

Visine Eye Drops

Some acne suf­ferer try visine eye drops on their nose pim­ples and they got relief. Just take small amount and apply it. It will reduce the red­ness and inflam­ma­tion. But before using this rem­edy always check your skin for allergies.

Apply Honey

Just apply some amount of honey on your nose pim­ple and leave it for some time and then wash it with luke warm water. Honey is the best nat­ural rem­edy for any skin disease.

Apply Egg Yolk

Just take egg yolk and apply it and then see the magic. Egg yolk is a great rem­edy to cure any kind of acne.

Apply Tree Tea Oil

Apply tea tree oil on big nose pim­ple and then expe­ri­ence the true relief in quick time. Lots of peo­ple around the world use this oil with good results.

Don Do It

If your pim­ple is very small in size then you can squeeze it right away with no prob­lem so that toxic stuff could flush out from your skin pores but if the pim­ple is con­sid­er­ably large then don’t try to squeeze it because even­tu­ally it cause scar­ring and it is more dif­fi­cult to remove the scars as com­pare to acne.

There are unlim­ited home reme­dies to treat big nose pim­ple in pro­fes­sional ways with eye catch­ing results but for that moment i think it is enough. Just use this nat­ural meth­ods prop­erly and see your big nose pim­ple van­ish away.



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