Generally,it is said that women are more con­scious about their beauty and out­look than men. I also agree with that attribute of beauty can only be given to women and they deserve it. Because of this fact, cos­met­ics indus­tries are spend­ing bil­lions of dol­lar to make such prod­ucts that could sat­is­fies the women  desires of being beau­ti­ful. Facial beauty has the para­mount impor­tance in our lives because gor­geous faces are loved by every one. Skin type play an impor­tant role in this regard.

In gen­eral, there are mainly 5 dif­fer­ent skin types that mostly human beings have. Normal,oily,dry,combination and sen­si­tive skin type. So, if you are a women and want to be beau­ti­ful then you should have known about your skin type in order to take proper skin care treat­ments. Every skin type has its own advan­tages and dis­ad­van­tages and you must know before tak­ing any skin care treat­ment.

5 Dif­fer­ent Skin Types & Their Pros And Cons

Nor­mal Skin Type — A Vibrant One


It is the best one among of all skin types because it is oil free and don’t leave any oil traces on your skin. Peo­ple who have this type are enjoy­ing vibrant, glow­ing and smooth skin ben­e­fits. It is one of the least trou­bling skin type and shows great resis­tance against aging.

It is a sta­ble one (not too dry or not too oily). It require less care and it’s not poses great risk against dif­fer­ent beauty prod­ucts. You will rarely expe­ri­ence any acne break­outs in your entire life. Fair Com­plex­ion, smooth,flexible and radi­ance are the main attrib­utes of nor­mal skin type. If you are suf­fer­ing from acne break­outs then these acne treat­ments can help you greatly.

Oily — A Great Problematic


If you are a per­son with oily skin then you already know that how irri­tat­ing it becomes some­times. Peo­ple who have oily skin type are greatly expose to acne break­outs. Your skin looks shin­ing and you can eas­ily expe­ri­ence oil on your cheeks, fore­head and spe­cially on your nose. The great ben­e­fit of hav­ing oily skin type is its resis­tance against aging process and wrin­kles. Peo­ple who have this skin type mostly uses oil free prod­ucts and uses some kind of facial mask that could absorb excess oil from their skin.

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Dry Skin — The Most Irritating


It is a bizarre, irri­tat­ing, rough skin type and causes great trou­ble. Peo­ple who have dry skin are faces wrin­kles, acne breakout,aging and dull tone. Most of the times, you can not do exper­i­ment with your skin because in the end you will expe­ri­ence red­ness or eczema.  You can improve your skin by using rec­om­mended mois­tur­iz­ers, sun blocks and facial masks. Here are some nat­ural treat­ments that can help you to get rid of this dull and flaky skin.

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Heal Your Skin From The Inside Out

Com­bi­na­tion Skin — Need A Proper Care


This skin type is a mix­ture of oil and dry­ness. You can expe­ri­ence oil on your  fore­head and nose and dry­ness around your eyes and cheeks. It is also not a healthy one and it requires extreme care to improve the qual­ity of your skin type. You should take great care while choos­ing any skin prod­uct and avoid from the ones that pro­duces oil. So it is a good prac­tice to choose such prod­ucts which are cre­ated for oil and dry skin types.

Sen­si­tive Skin — The Most Hor­ri­ble And Annoying


It is the most frag­ile and dull skin type among all of skin types and are eas­ily prone to inflam­ma­tion and irri­ta­tion. Choos­ing prod­ucts with­out proper research can causes skin rashes,itchiness and blem­ishes. Peo­ple who have sen­si­tive skin should only use such prod­ucts that are made for sen­si­tive skin. You can use cleansers, ton­ers and mois­tur­iz­ers for the improve­ment of your skin and also try to eat healthy foods and vit­a­mins. Peo­ple with sen­si­tive skin are exposes to acne blem­ishes and some­times it takes worst form (Acne Vulgaris).

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